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Bill Abernathy-Hide Away
Bill Abernathy-Hide Away
Bill Abernathy-Hide Away

Bill Abernathy writes a singer-songwriter’s dream with his acoustic single, “Hide Away”

Bill Abernathy is a renaissance musician wielding his acoustic. He has established himself with plenty of experience, as his string work will tell you. The kind of music that flows out is a perfect proportion of poetry and melody. This is a single from his latest album, his debut called More. This one is called Hide Away. 

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Bill Abernathy stuns with his silken guitar skills

In moments, you’ll get addicted to the kind of guitar playing that Bill Abernathy subjects you to. Like Jim Croce used to have his simple guitar openings, Bill provides a sweet-savoury preparation that is unlike any other I’ve heard in a while. His vocals are like a whisper, they have incredible control over the tone and delivery. It is like he is truly receding, hiding away to speak these lyrics to you in person. The chord changes aren’t very traditional, and his acoustic journey is worth experiencing more than once. I found myself listening to the whole album, just to enjoy the kind of melodies he has composed. As an effort, Bill Abernathy has given nothing but am opus to experience as his first recorded collection. His acoustic ruminations are as good as the originals, while retaining the flavour of the song always. 

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I wholly recommend this album to anyone listening for inspiration. Pushing boundaries and giving that retro essence is effortless from Bill. You can be sure that he’ll be releasing more brilliant music in some time. Till then, enjoy Hide Away with us here and show him some love by following him on Spotify and his socials!:

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