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“Baby”, by Mario Vayne: An intense, everlasting declaration of love, but make it upbeat rock

Mario Vayne hails from Queensland, Australia, and is a versatile artist who sings, plays the guitar, and writes songs. He embarked on his musical odyssey at the tender age of 7, a passion instilled by his musically inclined Italian parents. Mario’s formative musical influences were drawn from the 1970s vinyl records that adorned his family’s home, featuring bands like Cheap Trick, The Sweet, Little River Band, The Babys, and Foreigner. On his latest release, “Baby”, he explores an energetic, pumping rock sound. Keep reading for my thoughts!

Everything about the execution of this song reminds me of the great old era of rock-n-roll love ballads from the 1980s– and in a great way. Let the song find its way into your ears, and it all starts coming back, with the quiet-ish interludes with the quirky electric guitar parts, the dramatic, expansive choruses; it’s all there, and it all comes together rather elegantly, with Mario’s own influences and his own inspirations giving this track the kind of polish that I always am on the lookout for.

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The drumming and the guitar parts also compliment this song rather well, with the well-composed riffing, and the steady, powerful drumming holding their own while the lead guitars and mini-solos throughout the runtime of this song build upon an already-solid foundation that results in something quite enjoyable as a listening experience. Couple all this with Mario’s great vocals, and you have a very, very, very good product.

The mixing and mastering on this track do no injustice and spare no stone unturned when it comes to conveying the drive and the panache of this song, truly bringing out the harmonies and the blend of emotions and ideas that “Baby” has– and I’m glad to report that that is more so than just the case here; the mix drives the song, and always contributes positively to the listening experience presented by “Baby”.

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In conclusion, there are a lot of things that “Baby” by Mario Vayne does right, and that is what makes it such an enjoyable listen. Check out the track here!

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