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Life in Idle-Summer Bummer
Life in Idle-Summer Bummer
Life in Idle-Summer Bummer

Life in Idle have a romantic caveat with their pop punk track, “Summer Bummer”

Life in Idle bring a class to pop-punk we never knew we needed. When the details come into the frame, you see a silhouette the shape of God. An energy that remarkably feels like the zest of a teenage band hits you, and you feel like your problems are way too small to be worrying about. This is their latest single, Summer Bummer. 

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Yeah, we have all had our share of summertime love blows. It hurts like hell, and the season doesn’t help too well. Life in Idle start the song with the muted fuzz of the distorted guitar. As we crash into the wall of sound, it becomes evident that the band wants to give you an aural experience along with the thrash and aggression of pop punk. The chorus has a quadruple kick from the verse section-and you wait with bated breath for it. You’ll hear yourself singing it everywhere you go, and you’re not at fault at how catchy it is. The lyrics are your childhood experiences, cinematic moments that have defined personalities all rolled into one. Kudos to Life in Idle for recreating these memories with melodic interludes. 

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Pop punk for the win

Their songs like Waterwell and Lovebirds are superb examples of raw energy and technical fluency. Their pop punk version of the Golden Girls theme remains their biggest hit, and their fans are growing. If you’ve read this and listened to their song, they just got a few more. Listen to their single here and rock out to your seasons here:

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