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Best Music Blogs 2023
Best Music Blogs 2023

The Best Music Blogs to Follow in 2023 for News and Industry Insights

Over the years, music blogs have become an essential part of the promotion and distribution process for independent artists. Apart from trending news and the latest reviews of new music, music blogs also act as an important tool to drive organic traffic to your desired websites. This may include the streaming links of one’s work, artist booking pages, and even one’s portfolio. In addition, music blogs also serve as a one-stop solution to discovering new music. Sinusoidal Pulse has created a comprehensive list to make your search process easier. In this article, we shall cover a few of the most influential music blogs that have made a name for themselves in the contemporary music industry.


Having been active for over three decades, Pitchfork has risen to prominence among music aficionados. Arguably, it is one of the most popular music magazines in the world. From covering engaging articles, artist interviews, and exclusive mixes across a wide spectrum of genres, Pitchfork can indeed serve as the perfect source for inspiration. Additionally, they are also known for hosting regular online events and festivals in US, France, and Germany.


Named after the iconic rock band, RollingStone published its first article back in 1967. The magazine is known for its influence on popular culture and covers almost everything related to art and culture. One should not be fooled by its name as they don’t just cover rock music, but all the buzz and inside news of the music industry. Today, RollingStone has expanded their horizon and hired experts who also cover politics and television.


Short for New Musical Express, NME posts daily content related to contemporary music culture. This includes reviews for the latest releases, radio shows and podcasts, awards ceremonies, and miscellaneous news on pop culture. Ever since it first started out in 1952, NME has gradually risen to become one of the top music blogs. Furthermore, NME also features detailed reviews from industry experts, gaming and e-sports content and exclusive bootleg samples of future releases.


Hypebot covers everything from news about the music industry, the latest trends in the business, and cutting-edge technology. The website posts daily content which is known for its well-researched and in-depth analysis. Subsequently, the blog may be considered well worth one’s time as they have an engaging audience who exchange ideas in the comments. Don’t forget to scroll to stumble upon something worthwhile.

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The American music and entertainment magazine Billboard was founded in 1894. It is published every week by Penske Media Corp. As the popularity of the jukebox, phonograph, and radio increased, Billboard began to focus more on the music industry. The journal provides details on news, videos, editorials, analyses, and trends relevant to the music business. Its music charts, including the Hot 100, 200, and Global 200, keep tabs on the most popular albums and singles from a variety of musical genres. Moreover, it oversees a publishing firm, and a number of TV shows, and even conducts events and conventions.


Online publication house Stereogum’s focus is towards news, reviews, interviews, and detailed breakdowns of trending records. Created in the beginning of 2002 by Scott Lapine, the blog quickly rose to fame. Among the numerous feathers in its cap are, PLUG Award for Music Blog of the Year, Entertainment Weekly’s Best Music Websites, and the OMMA Award for Web Site Excellence. In conclusion, if you are looking for some off-beat indie releases and inside gossip about the industry, Stereogum is the place to be at.


Kerrang! is a British weekly magazine dedicated to rock, punk, and alternative music that is now published by Wasted Talent (the same company that owns the electronic music publication Mixmag). Initially, it was published on June 6, 1981, as a special addition to the magazine Sounds. In the early 2000s, it grew to become the most well-known British music publication. Kerrang! is a great illustration of a business that has survived the test of time without losing its core. Also, it offers superb critiques of both up-and-coming and well-known musicians with unrelenting commitment and enthusiasm. Because of this, some consider Kerrang! reviews to be among the industry’s most relevant.

Sinusoidal Music

Established in January 2021 in the aftermath of the global pandemic, Sinusoidal Music began as a dream to reach out to indie artists to give them a voice among the sea of influencers reigning in social media. The blog features up and coming independent musicians and reviews their music. Additionally, they also focus on news and culture surrounding the music business and provide pro-audio mixing and mastering services.

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