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Nora Sänger – Be Yourself | Inspiring

Nora Sänger returned to work in 2020 after maternity leave with a fresh sound, and the artist was delighted to record original music for the first time. The first three songs of Nora Sänger were folk-pop: “Alone in the Woods,” “Leap in the Dark,” and “Suppose I,” which she recorded with studio musicians Stefan Rebelski and Eike Ernst. She began working on pop with Mark Smith in 2021, meanwhile. Her collaboration with him was a hit all throughout Germany. Alannah Myles’ “Black Velvet,” which she covered, was her debut single with him. The song was given a fresh lease on life, with a deep vibe and various references to 1970s television themes.

Be Yourself ’ is an engaging inspirational song that advocates a message of being true to yourself and not apologising for it. The track is about accepting oneself for whom they are instead of trying to make ourselves into someone else Each one of us is unique and we’re so much better off as our natural self. There are beautiful melodies in it that remind you of your music experiences with polished musicianship – amazing vocals by Nora, conveying raw emotion-filled lyrics. The music arrangement stays true to the written versions of the song and serves as a perfect accompaniment for Sanger’s strong vocals. It has a real connection, compelling energy and deep soulful intensity. If you are feeling low or under-confident, just listen to ‘Be Yourself ‘ which is nothing less than an uplifter. We would love to listen to more of her work!

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