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Genevieve Sovereign - It's yours.
Genevieve Sovereign - It's yours.

Genevieve Sovereign – It’s Yours. | Nature

Genevieve Sovereign is the latest musician to join the scene. The Australian-Canadian independent artist is also an adventurer. She just completed a year-long progress vlog and has always had an affinity for music. Using her skills, she has created music that complements her vlogs perfectly and has just released her debut EP. Entitled It’s Yours. the EP contains five tracks with a total run time of just shy of 18 minutes.

The album begins on Savouring Today, a track heavy with bass and deep synths. Genevieve Sovereign has a complementary voice that balances everything out. The instrumental track features peaceful elements even throwing in foley sounds and birds chirping. Savouring Today seems like the perfect introduction to her music with nature featuring alongside her technological advancements. Additionally, Genevieve is able to showcase a massive range by hitting some really high notes and then coming back down to much deeper notes.

The second track on the album, Right Here, has this futuristic, ethereal synth with a deep kick drum. The track seems rather experimental but reminds me of acts like The Moody Blues and Trevor Hall. An instrumental track, predominated by these elusive sounds that seem to encompass everything within it. The one steady element throughout the track is the kick drum in 4/4. The flute leads the melody with some rather interesting melody lines and phrases. The synths seem to harmonise whilst taking their own paths, both darkening and lightening the track as it moves forward.

Moving on to We’ll Know Nothing Together, we have a much lighter track with an acoustic guitar, a bright piano and that same ethereal sound. Genevieve Sovereign showcases excellent production in all her tracks. Using interesting modes and scales, her instrumentals are always interesting to listen to. Additionally, Her vocals on this track, much like Savouring Today, are dynamic and move pleasingly through the track. Moreover, she has an intriguing sound that I have never heard before. I would be amiss to leave out her songwriting skills. While everything sounds great, the lyrics are usually overlooked. She shows excellent poetry with her lyrics in lines like We’ll know nothing together / And be beautiful.

Double Flat is a cinematic track to say at the very least. Moreover, it is an experience that goes along perfectly with Genevieve’s vlogs. Another instrumental track to give you the natural feeling of joining Genevieve Sovereign on her adventures. Additionally, this track actually aids in creating a visual to go with the vlogs. With dark tones and a gloomy timbre, it almost feels like you’re present with her.

The final track, I Reach ends this journey in the aptest manner. Moreover, it balances the tones with equal parts light and dark. With the dark tones laying a blanket of gloom, Genevieve balances it with her higher tones in the meantime. Additionally, the track itself is provocative with all the deep tones even with the light tones.

Genevieve Sovereign has created a great debut EP, especially considering it goes well with her vlogs. I would keep an eye out for her next release and also follow her vlogs for more interesting content!

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Promotional Disclaimer: The content in this post has been sponsored by the artist, label, or PR representative to help promote their work.Promotional Disclaimer: The content in this post has been sponsored by the artist, label, or PR representative to help promote their work.

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