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Glenn Echo - Fixed Memory
Glenn Echo - Fixed Memory

Glenn Echo – Fixed Memory | Walking at Seaside Cliff Edge

For me, Glenn Echo‘s latest album, “Fixed Memory,” will be a genuinely unforgettable listening session. It’s been years since a record has taken on a storyline and each song has been delivered with such passion. I’d want to congratulate Glenn on this beautiful album, which will undoubtedly stay with me for a long time. I’m sure a lot of people will repeat the album on a regular basis, and it’s something you’ll enjoy the most if you listen to it in order. Glenn Echo’s incredible effort should shine through, and I hope the songs reach an audience as early as possible.

Glenn Echo is an alt-folk indie project from Matt Gaydar that began in 2015. The atmospheres of songs are evocative of Big Thief and Feist, with finger style guitar, pensive lyrics, and crooning melodies, providing personal places for interaction. Glenn Echo, who is based in the Hudson Valley, has absorbed influences from previous residencies such as Nashville, Northampton, and Brooklyn, eventually collaborating with engineer/producer Peter Brownlee to make the album “Fixed Memory”.

Starting at the very top of the sequence, the first track, ‘Rising Wide-Eyed,’ lays the groundwork for the rest of the album. Ambient natural noises, ever-rising lovely Pad textures, and amazing finger style guitar patterns are among the sounds. The surroundings begin to become just pleasant and tranquil. The lyrics, in especially, are delivered with such poise. There’s no rush; instead, the record is being built at its own pace. The album gradually acquires speed with the next song, ‘Overwhelm’. The Violin Solo’s presence just takes us to another realm. Each aspect appears and passes by in such a natural way that it draws you in and binds you to the pieces, much like a long tranquil train trip. ‘Snowing.‘ sounds contemplative, and if you like and enjoy fascinating progression, I’m sure you’ll love this song in particular. The background noise practically puts you in the middle of the action. The lyrics, in particular, have a plethora of analogies for us to appreciate. It creates such exciting pictures.

The title, ‘Moon Seems Lost‘, is very wonderful. Similarly, the melody and arrangement infuse the song with a sense of melancholy. There are several extremely fascinating slight modulations that help to heighten the record’s emotional impact. The songwriting engages you in deep reflection and creates an instant connection. ‘To Keep On‘, the next track, is an uplifting monologue with an intriguing sonic design. ‘Blue‘ is a brief, personal song. I would very much want to listen to an extended version. The bells and glides make such beautiful noises. As the name implies, ‘Folding Back, Our Memories Are Continuous‘ will carry you backwards. With some unusual spoken statements and sounds, the sonic design is really fascinating. A work of art in production.

Drink Up This Fire‘ is a fantastic song. The soothing voice mixes in perfectly with the music. The powerful vocal performances immediately make us feel the emotion. Glenn seems so sincere, and even the guitar trills, which are only used as a filler, have a lot of meaning in the composition. The song ‘Hearth‘ is certainly my favourite from the album. The rhythm part is extremely well-designed. The percussion patterns and builds up flow naturally and in time with the music. The mood is steady, and the vocal delivery is excellent. The picking pattern entices you in, and the guitar seems to be the glue that holds everything together. The violin’s use of minimalism adds just the proper amount of touch to the piece. There’s a lot going on in the performance that helps us understand the lyrical richness which has a lot of meaning.

Twilight‘ is a unique theme. It’s constructed in a unique way with a folk rhythm, making it extremely natural and raw. ‘Circles‘ is a laid-back track with an unconventional structure from the album. Towards the conclusion, you’ll notice an enthralling textured design. Glenn closes the album with a song called ‘How Much Blood‘, which is quite tranquil and pleasant. This song combines Glenn’s excellent melody with thoughtful lyrics to great effect. The entire album is summed up with a really serene voice arrangement at the end.

Glenn’s work for me would be one of the best examples of great melodies and smart writing, backed up with innovative sound design and brilliant arrangement concepts. Emotionally, the record is rich and deep enough for us all to enjoy and appreciate.

Glenn Echo’s ‘Fixed Memory’ is now streaming on Spotify!

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