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Kat Reinhert Behind
Kat Reinhert Behind

Kat Reinhert – Behind

Behind is Kat Reinhert’s latest single. It fills the listener with tremendous positivity and inspiration. Kat Reinhert’s honed songwriting skills are at full display in the song, that is crafted to invoke many emotions and make the listener believe in themselves.

Once a girl from a small rural town in southern Wisconsin, Kat Reinhert is now based out of New York City. She moved to NYC for a Bachelors of Music degree in Jazz/Commercial Voice, then earned a Master’s degree in Jazz Pedagogy from the University of Miami too, and to add on to that, she earned a PhD in Music Education! The musical professor has been releasing music since 2001, and her fifth album Dead Reckoning came out earlier in 2021.

The deep influence of Jazz is audible in Reinhert’s music, her songwriting, and also her breathy vocals. However, Behind has a little bit more pop in it than its jazzy predecessors. Behind follows a pop song structure with two verses, each with its respective chorus, and finally ends with a bridge. The masterful use of multiple instruments gives the song a radiant aura while Kat Reinhert’s smooth vocals are encouraging and up-lifting.

Behind is all about believing on oneself, and the artist urges the listener to do the same. She sings about knowing that no one believes in themselves at the start. When you don’t know what the future holds, it is only natural to be scared. However, the barriers you fear are nothing but things you don’t know of right now. Eventually these barriers will only be things that you have left behind.

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