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Soul Chalice - Embracing Trauma
Soul Chalice - Embracing Trauma

Soul Chalice Speculate on Unique Hip-Hop Cultures in Sophomore Album, Embracing Trauma

Soul Chalice is a musical collective with diverse demographics and music backgrounds. Their ensembles often range across the soul spectrum, from hip-hop, R&B to funk and neo-soul. Formed in 2015, the group is headed by Hip-Hop MC Face Balia, a visionary and connoisseur of intersecting music cultures. Soul Chalice has just released their sophomore album, Embracing Trauma. Across its ten tracks, the artists explore themes like strength, resilience, and acceptance, alongside pain, trauma, and suffering. They seek out power in grace, life in loss, and love in peace. Listen Now!

The album breaks out with ‘What A Shame’. Against a backdrop of swelling funk and blues synths, Face rolls out his rhythmic flow. He delivers his philosophies in a stream of conscious thought. The soundscape builds and evolves progressively to magnificently elevate the finality of the verses. ‘Rise Above’ gleams with similar pallets, except with a more dynamic groove set. It is strung with crisp verses and cerebral connections and is broken up with jagged blues vocals in the chorus.

‘Splash’ gains a flamboyant dance rhythm. A disco blend with funk rock and modern electronica. ‘Giving it Up’ mellows down the energy. Its soft synths, background grooves, and chill beats lay around, doing their own thing around the verses. The flow takes the stage while the blurred and organic instrumentation sets the mood and context. ‘Day by Day’ is up next. Plush synths, stick beats, and ricocheting soundscaping beautifully conceptualize the theme. The minimalist essence of it all gives life to the wisdom that the verses explore. 

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‘So Low’ is strung with acoustic keys, slapping beats, and humming basslines. The verses are delivered piece by piece, accentuated by pulsing melodies and an adhering beat line. The artists allow the theme to choose its own rhythm. ‘Certain Kinda Man’ is a scratchy, funky, and jazzy impregnation. Face pushes the vibrant curtains of melody to present frames from memory, experience, and lessons. ‘Can You Hear Me’ has a dragging verse line, expanded with a springing band of trumpets and scurrying beats.

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‘Struggle is Real’ is up next. As a penultimate track, it is kept simple and straightforward, in preparation of the riveting finale. Its mellow verses lead to a liberating choral ensemble. ‘In The Lab’ is energetic and eccentric. The beat line makes and manages the track, dictating the progressions of melody and verses. In between hardcore flows, a surreal interlude blooms with contemplative dimensions. 

The album clearly showcases the grandeur and uniqueness of the group’s vision. They strive to discover new places, dilating and detailing them to give us engaging and cohesive canvasses of diversity. Soul Chalice is Dan (guitar), Mark (bass, vocals), Face (vocals, scratch), AJ (keys, drums), and Tierre (drums). They debuted in 2021 with their introductory album, ‘Enter The Game’. 

The album is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Embracing Trauma by Soul Chalice here – 

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