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Jeb Rault’s Rising
Jeb Rault’s Rising
Jeb Rault - Rising

Jeb Rault’s Rising Is One of Those Blues Rock Albums That Keeps the Listeners on Their Toes

Are you someone who eats, sleeps, and breathes blues rock music? If so, then the latest full-length album by Jeb Rault, Rising is something that you must listen to. Born in and hailing from New Orleans, Louisiana, in the United States of America, Jeb Rault is an absolutely prolific singer-songwriter and an excellent guitar player who has been playing in and around the New Orleans club scene since he was seventeen years old. As he made a big name for himself over the course of time, he has also been live to audiences in different parts of the world.

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The prolific musicians have been the most impactful participants in this album!

Rising, Jeb Rault’s latest album is his third full-length album and it consists of ten songs and runs for a duration of thirty-eight minutes and two seconds. Joining Jeb in this album are Lee Schwartz on drums, Logan Emory on rhythm guitar, and Matt Wisdom on bass. Besides these musicians, the other three artists who feature in a few songs of this album are Wayne Lohr on keyboards, John Chrachiola on saxophone, and Charlie Drenard on grand piano.

Let us see what this album offers to the listeners!

All the songs in this album are born out of the strong foundation of traditional blues and rock music, and even though the stories and compositions are undoubtedly different from one another, if you listen intently, you will surely realize the foundation genre is none other than the good old blues that most of us are pretty fond of. Besides the other musicians who have impactful parts in each and every song, Jeb Rault himself deserves special mention for showcasing his fine and excellent storytelling skills through songwriting, his outstanding guitar playing, and mind you, the face-melting licks he plays during the solos will surely blow you away. Overall, the songs of his album will make the listeners groove, dance, and bop their heads and that’s why you should definitely check it out.

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Now that we know a little something about the album and what to expect from it, don’t wait up any longer and quickly tune in to Jeb Rault’s Rising and experience the music to your heart’s content. You can listen to the album here:

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