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Emblematics - Festival Door | Robust 
Emblematics - Festival Door | Robust 

Emblematics – Festival Door | Robust 

The beauty of a good track is that it elevates your spirits, no matter what the genre is. This fresh single by Emblematics, a Calgary Rock band, does exactly that. It brings forth the warmest, coziest vibes. Through Festival Door, you could easily establish a perfect setting around you to daydream about foreign lands and gone times. 

Emblematics, a long-time band of 4 ardent musicians, curate pure art in the form of rock music. Festival Door is a track that takes you back to the Beatles’ era. The reason why it creates an almost poignant effect on its listener is that it feels retro. It feels like an anthem very much relatable in the present, but its soothing retro undertones make it all the more welcoming and warm. 

On listening to it for the third time, I realized this is a song I have to add to my playlist. Not just because it is extremely uplifting, thanks to the classic beats and synth textures, but also because it has lyrics that move you to the core.“Let me give you everything I have, in my arms” easily manages to stir just the perfect emotions. On the other hand, “Will you follow me, will you let me go down, don’t let me go down” makes you tender in the most vivid manner. 

With rich music, excellent vocals, staggeringly gorgeous lyrics, this song will give you perfect feels. Its jovial beats and iconic rock textures will give you joy while poignant lyrics will make you tender. If you are someone who loves Beatles, and indie rock music in general, this song will surely lift your spirits. For me, it’s everything I needed on a cozy spring afternoon. 

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