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Derek Lee Goodreid – Beneath the Howlin' Light
Derek Lee Goodreid – Beneath the Howlin' Light

Derek Lee Goodreid – Beneath the Howlin’ Light | Werewolves n Rock

Beneath the Howlin’ Light is the latest single release by Australian artist Derek Lee Goodreid. Based in Perth, Western Australia, Derek’s music is rooted in rock and blues. With that anchor, he also mixes it with genres like country, psychobilly, surf rock, rockabilly, punk, stoner rock, and even heavy metal. To depict approaching doom in song and make it feel as lovely as a morning breeze requires great ability.

Derek Lee Goodreid picked up the guitar when he was 18 and soon discovered songwriting to be his genuine love. Through the years, Derek has improved his abilities and created his own distinctive voice while expressing his experience with PTSD and his own brand of dark humour.

Beneath the Howlin’ Light entices you right away with its moody, spooky, and dark atmosphere. With the right amount of twangy guitars and horror musical effects, this is a great work of musical storytelling. It is dark and mysterious with an incredible rhythm. A primordial rustic vibe is blended with an evocative soundscape of spook and moody. With the werewolf sounds in the pocket, Derek Lee Goodreid with his vocals, songwriting, and musicianship delivers a heavy musical punch.

The track features the stunning upright bass performance of fellow Aussie Leon Pratt. We also get this stunning execution of the song via the astute mixing of Orange County audio legend Austin Hein. In the short time of about two and a half minutes, Derek Lee Goodreid makes sure you are served a compelling musical delight.

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