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Bromsen give us new flavours of indie electronica rock with “We!”

Electronic rock gets new textures with a band like Bromsen. From a disco synth vibe to rocking, swinging sections-you’ll always be in awe of what they make. A bit like Joy Division, sometimes like the Pixies, you can never really tell. Each track will bring you a little nugget of a lot more. This is their latest single, We!.

With this single, they cement how their sound is effectively theirs. Though many bands have gone through the New Wave time as a phase, Bromsen express in that tone. The balance between the electronic and rock elements is special, a spatial experience that takes you places. The chorus is something addictive, and the caffeine kick is as real as your next Venti cup. There is an exciting familiarity, knowing you’ll know how the composition will play out. It is an incredible, catchy track they’ve made with their expertise. The bridge has some effects I’ve never heard executed to this detail and quality. They know how to withdraw as well, keeping the track minimal in the right places. It has the swells, flourishes and movements to make this track a special experience, and it is worth listening to time and again. 

Bromsen have two other singles called Photograph and Merryman released till now. Both have a unique punch, an experimentation with tone you’ll see growing every time. Make sure you save their songs for your playlist, gems like this are difficult to find. Listen to their superb energy with their single here:

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