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Soundhoose- Loner
Soundhoose- Loner
Soundhoose- Loner

Soundhoose- Loner | Bouncing off the walls

Soundhoose bring it, every time they bring it. Their tracks are laden with quick guitar riffs, power chord changes, and a tempo that is comfortably a baby’s heartbeat, no less. Their latest track is another levity filled take on a popular aspect of life, something that we all connect with. This is their new release, Loner.

From influences like My Chemical Romance, blink-182 and Green Day, you can expect this post-punk outfit to pack plenty of attack in their songs. This particular single has humorous lyrics, a great energy that keeps your toes tapping. Even if you can’t keep up with the tempo, you’re having a blast. The vocals are clean, yet the human touch of the strain is heard in the recording. The breakdown makes sure there is never a stale moment, with accents on the lead guitar keeping the flavour alive. There is a Sum-41 chorus feel to this that just sticks.

If nothing, you’re singing that chorus like you’re a teenager who discovered Radiohead for the first time. It is the hook of the song, and it’s engraved into your brain by the time the song is done. Soundhoose keep the chorus alive with different hooks and styles as well. Their album is on the way, so build up the hype by listening to their singles. All of them are catchy and energetic, they keep it their mantra.

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