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President Street – Heartbreak Player | Euphoric Pop

Melbourne-based pop fusion duo, President Street recently released their debut EP titled, “Heartbreak Player”. Having released a few singles since 2015, the duo on this EP have composed euphoric love songs, and with the inclusion of their respective electronic remixes, the EP has the potential to reach a wide audience.

EP Tracklist

Heartbeat Player (Radio Edit) 

The album begins with a hopeful and heart-warming track with sultry vocals. Aptly named Heartbreak Player, the song features a simple bassline and an engaging drum beat, along with playful lyrics. The chorus is unique in that it has a detuned synth flute that follows the melody of the lead vocals and creates an interesting space altogether. 

I Found Me

An introduction of a jazzy four-bar piano chord loop is followed by a kick drum that establishes the beat structure for the track, accompanying the strong vocals. With a similar soundstage as the previous track, I Found Me has a groovy and slightly distorted electric guitar melody that guides the song’s harmonic form. Energetic and a bit agressive.

Something To Believe

Track number three’s beat comprises of a mellow piano progression, a wide acoustic guitar and upbeat drums. Hopeful lyrics suit the mood of the track well – “finally this weight is off of me, I was blinded by the dark / I need something to believe..”. Her vocals here have a Avril Lavigne-like tone that sound great with the pop chord progression.

Time Is Up

An electronic beat kicks off Time Is Up with a fresh sound, as compared to the previous songs. Complex and funky percussions allow for an interesting rhythm that’s head-bangable and has the potential to get you on your feet! A grand piano and some synths fill up the stereo field, making for a ‘full’ sound.

I Found Me (Adam Turner Remix)

A remix of track number two of the album; a hard kick and snare along with wide claps, form the initial beat of the EDM remix. This version of the track is very uplifting and loud in that it would be well received at a club. Most EDM music works well with repetition and this remix has a chorus that’s so catchy it won’t leave your head anytime soon!

Something To Believe (Redondo Remix) 

The Redondo Remix of Something To Believe is more danceable than the original; features some vocal chops, synths, and an upbeat drum progression. Because of its powerful energy, this mix would be excellent for clubs or festivals.

Time Is Up (Redondo Club Mix)

In a typical house-EDM structure, Redondo has used uplifting chords and melodic synths to create a bright remake of Time Is Up.


The “Heartbreak Player” EP is a four-track journey into President Street’s sound and it also features four energetic EDM remixes that suit the mood of the lyrics quite well. Their music stands out from a plethora of songs that fit the same genre owing to the infectious melodies and emotional lyrics.

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