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Dyna Edyne-The Dome
Dyna Edyne-The Dome
Dyna Edyne-The Dome

Dyna Edyne-The Dome | Jiggy

From Miami, Florida comes an artist that wants to change the game for hip-hop. Dyna Edyne doesn’t just like hip-hop or lay down beats alone, she sings as well as raps. That’s what makes her songs unique, and she doesn’t shy away from her identity, both cultural and as an artist. Her newest release is The Dome.

Using addictive synth loops and bellowing beats, Dyna Edyne tries to achieve the same level of success as her popular track, Jacuzzi. Though this is completely different in vibe, strategy and play-she wants to be heard and some of her ideas are in this track. The instrumental section during the closing is really appreciated, Dyna has tried to meld many melodies and styles together.

She doesn’t want to climb any ladder, for she is climbing to the top of The Dome. The song selects from a wide range of swatches, and doesn’t stick to only a rap residue. Dyna is trying shades of colors here, and painting a spectrum that is very interesting in the process. Post the 2-minute mark, it is a melodic breakdown, but the beat and synths still unite the same thread. Listen to Dyna’s 2017 EP Branches if you want to see her experiment with R&B and hip/hop while still creating a new stylistic sound.

Listen to her upbeat, empowering track here:

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