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Jack Tracy - Gold
Jack Tracy - Gold

Jack Tracy – Gold | Textured Saga: Love & Lust

Jack Tracy ushers in a new age of funk music with his electro-pop sound with his brand new album, Gold. His music not only represents his truth but sweeps expansively to include and represent the LGBTQ+ community. A wearer of many hats, Tracy is an artist, musician, videographer, and producer. As the head of the LGBTQ+ Production Studio, Necessary Outlet Productions, Jack has created and starred in the web series ‘History’ and the feature film “Snowflake”.

Intro: Gold opens the album with sparkling synths lined with bird songs and dance beats. Fire sports a chaotic rhythm pattern with streaks of dark metallic elements. The erratic vocal flow adds a profound mystery that keeps you guessing. Magnetized kicks off with syncopated beat grooves that echoes the electronic vocals. Its marching rhythm is unbroken except in the chorus where we see vocal flourishes with specks of pop elements.

Independent Folk shows off a whimsy synth cycle as its backdrop. We see ad-libs littering track’s canvass and strung together by the flowing synths and periodic vocal pulses. The electro-pop journey continues with Too Much. With generous use of echoing voice arcs, the beats flow to their own rhythm. The metallic percussions continue through the album as the artist punctuates it with layers of wispy vocals.

None Tonight employs a combination of synth vocals and original vocals to showcase a duality of life that characterizes the LGBTQ+ community. The song delivers as a conversation, with dramatic elements like shimmering synth melodies and sassy lyrics. Interlude: Taste adds a sensual dimension to the album as it journeys to portray themes like sexuality, dating, and love.

The title track is adorned with pulses of golden synths. Progressively layered, we see more melody textures lining the lyrics. Lilting and feather-light, the track gleams and glistens in its aurum outfit. Tired of Being Lonely begins with inky synth pulses that line the artist’s baritone vocals, calmly delivering reality checks to the protagonist’s lover. With a slow progression, the song flourishes with fun dance beats that you can groove to. The artist layers the smooth synth melodies with the rough textures of robotic vocals, low tonalities, and bass melody knots.

Body Control kicks off right where the previous track leaves off. With mirroring synths and circling vocals, the track progresses with catchy beats. The artist packs the song with innumerable melody and beats textures. Best of Me carries levitating melodies, twinkling against the rough vocal texture and beats.

Close (Remaster) has a bed of clapping beats that is fun to dance to and shows off a bounty of musical textures and refreshing synths ripples. It’s Time (Remaster) concludes the album with softer tonalities and rounded melodies. Lined with the usual infectious beats, the artist explores toxic relationships and the resentment that comes with them.

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Jack Tracy – Gold

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