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Alana Sukul – Good to you | Relates to the subsystem

Alana Sukul, a London-based singer-songwriter, has a new single called “Good to You” that hits us right in the feels. The way the throughs are channelled into words in the song really depicts the underlying feeling being given so much care and accuracy. The delicate personal space is well-preserved in the writing, which is further accentuated by the melody’s changes and dynamics.

Alana’s voice needed a lot of power to make such a powerful little intricate tune feel simple, which she did brilliantly. The performance is noteworthy,  and how the cross section bring us to the chorus, are delights for me. The section is absolutely amazing and contributes a lot to the musicality of the piece.

The reversed and synthetic textural tones, which help to create the intriguing soundscapes, elicit the appropriate emotions to get us ready for the song. Soon after, the vocals appear, with an intriguing combination of RnB subtleties, and the Pop beats and ambient effects make the space genuinely pleasant to the ears. That would certainly pique the interest of many listeners, causing them to get fully immersed in the music.

The groove is layered with such enticing tones, which are then blended with such alluring vocal chops to produce the feeling at its core. The production’s silences have an impact and add to the structure’s dynamism. The subtle complexities would pique the interest of many attentive ears, and as we immersed ourselves fully in the atmosphere, it swept over.

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