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Brian Bulger – Bad In A Good Way

Alternative folk artist Brian Bulger, based in Springfield, Missouri, recently released a song called “Bad In A Good Way”. By combining pop and folk elements, Brian has shared his emotional story in a creative way that’s very honest and melodious. Brian has been putting out music since 2016, and his journey has brought him to make an album about healing from trauma and depression. “Bad In A Good Way”, is a sneak-peek into his upcoming album and his fans have been eagerly waiting to see and hear the new Brian Bulger.

What I hear in “Bad In A Good Way”

A well-played and impressively recorded ukulele starts off this track along with a chill lo-fi type beat. Brian’s voice is very raw and it sounds like he’s speaking to you directly – a great way of interacting with the listener in a personal way. He talks about how he’s stared at death in the face and now is confident that he’ll be alright, a very optimistic tone in his voice and might getting you smiling a little bit even. Just to give you a taste of some of Brian’s lyrics – “There’s a conundrum in the wisdom of my spirit..” – he writes with great candour!

I loved how the harmonies didn’t clash at all with the lead vocals and how they behave like a blanket keeping the vocals warm, the blend is just wonderful. There are a lot of filler elements in this track, especially in the final chorus that comes after the interesting transition where there are a few people singing in a chorus. Electric guitar licks, sampled voices, and mellow monophonic synths that play in the background keep your ears quite engaged and it’s honestly hard to get bored of such an amazing track! In addition to all this, there’s a killer bass line that cuts through just right, thanks to that beautiful tone.


Brian Bulger tends to use everyday instruments to create something special and he has found out how to share his sound with the listener in the best way possible after all his experience. The rawness of the production and the clean mixing of “Bad In A Good Way” makes it a commercially professional-sounding vinyl that would sound spectacular on a record player at home! This single is just an introduction to his coming album, and as a new fan, I am hoping to hear more soon!

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