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Phily Skeamz-Baggage Claim
Phily Skeamz-Baggage Claim
Phily Skeamz-Baggage Claim

Phily Skeamz-Baggage Claim | Ice

From the lines of Lil Wayne, Nas, Eminem & the Wu-Tang’s tutelage, comes a rapper from Washington DC, Phily Skeamz. With lyrical bombs exploding in verses brimming with pop-culture content, complex rhyme schemes and your average problems, Skeamz seems to have sorted it all out. Proof is in the pudding-Baggage Claim.

With a sticky groove based on syncopated piano and flute, Phily Skeamz takes a nuanced approach to laying down verses. The melody and rhythm are allowed to breathe in full within the song, making the effect of the punchlines and verses much more prolific. Brimming with culture shock and popular references, Skeamz becomes everyman’s poet with his relatable rhymes.

Spacing out the verses well, he continues to spit out verses inspired by the great Notorious B.I.G’s rhyme scheme and closer to Kendrick Lamar’s M.a.a.d City as well. The influences might be pivotal and derivative in certain places, but that’s well within an MC’s character. Phily Skeamz is one to look out for, especially with his lethal sections from his other single from this year, See in The Dark. There is an underdog rising to be a star, and he doesn’t need the hype to climb that ladder of success.

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