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Deco-Change of View
Deco-Change of View
Deco-Change of View

Deco-Change of View | A smile in your heart

Deco is an indie artist from Alexandria, Virginia who is a bit of a romantic. His songs are simple, talk of happiness and love and crave for deeper, meaningful things in life. Not complicating songs with solos, frills or any sorts of bedazzlement, these are tracks you can sing in the shower, or to your loved one. Separate occasions please. This is his latest single, Change of View.

From the year the pandemic began, Deco has been hot in his own tracks releasing singles. In the course of 2 years he has released 5 of them. His popular first single got a bit of a reprise, I’m Doing Something (Right), with a change in tune. Deco looks like a starry eyed fresher who sings the love song for the fresher’s event and wins everybody’s heart. Thankfully, the songs he sings reflect that same playful nature.

Hooked on Linkin Park & Papa Roach as a kid, he’s taken quite a shift from the nu-metal/rock hybrid that they represent. Mirroring the artists has led to Deco slowly forging his own axe, and he plays it with big strums and a smile on his face. His latest is a simple love song that practically wrote itself, which means a huge crowd singing it is how I imagine it. A simple chorus section rings out with the rich strum of his acoustic. Harmonics are just enough so that they sound like a small crowd, not an acapella group. This artist is traveling at lightspeed now, and I’m sure he has a change of view.

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