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Ear Candy | Take my dreams away | melancholic yet peppy?
Ear Candy | Take my dreams away | melancholic yet peppy?

Ear Candy – take my dreams away | Melancholic yet peppy?

For some reason, Ear Candy takes me down memory lane. Their music has a very nostalgic vibe that just makes you sit down with a smile on your face. ‘Take my dreams away’ is a very depressing title for such a peppy song. Its like an episode of south park where the tone of the music doesn’t match the lyrics.

‘Take my dreams away’ is the latest single by Ear Candy, The album art is like a doodle that represents the artists emotion in the track. A very accurate depiction of the mood of the track. The singer sitting depressed in the night with stars twinkling around him, unable to appreciate the beauty of it. Whereas, the listener gets the best of both worlds.

The song starts off with a slightly melancholic note but as the instruments pop into the mix, the whole vibe of the track changes. For a track with lyrics that talk about taking the singers dreams away, it sure is really peppy. Its a very different style, almost comedic but at the same time refreshing. As a listener, it reflects my personality. I would handle a depressing situation in a comedic way as well.

The vocals are really ear candy and it makes you want to sing along after you listen a couple of times. The keyboard melodies are a really nice touch that create the entire vibe of the track. The percussions on the other hand are just there to give momentum with a very simple yet catchy beat. The guitar riffs almost blend into the melodies to create a really nice effect. It sounds like a song out of a Disney show!

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