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Oroco – Parallels | Sombre

Oroco, a UK-based songwriter and producer, released a new acoustic instrumental single titled “Parallels” – a simple yet highly emotional tune that feels like the journey of the ordinary man. Oroco’s music mainly comprises of instrumental ballads and acoustic pop.

The song starts off with melancholic chords and melodies, which true to the song’s name, parallels the life of a regular person’s journey, perhaps Oroco’s journey, giving us a glimpse into the sentimental psyche of the artist. It is a song of sorrow and grief, but toward the latter part, there is a ray of hope which shines through, reminding us that it need not be this way and there is always something worth fighting for; this emotion is most prevalent towards the end of the track.

The most common parallel, (pun very much intended) can be drawn with Yiruma’s, “River Flows In You” which evokes similar type of emotions though Yiruma’s track is more on the positive side. While the track is primarily composed of a grand piano, the mix also contains lush strings, lending it an extra layer of warmth.

Music lovers of any taste can appreciate this song! “Parallels” is a perfect example of why music does not really require lyrics and how just the instruments alone can convey a plethora of emotions all at once. While a picture might say a thousand words, this composition proves to do at least the same if not more!

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