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Leif Riggs - Phantom
Leif Riggs - Phantom

San Diego Rapper, Leif Riggs Debuts with Hard-Hitting Track, Phantom

San Diego rapper and recording artist, Leif Riggs delivers his life’s purpose and dreams in an emphatic debut track, Phantom. The track is produced by InsaneBeats. Powered by innate force and inspiring gusto, the Leif claims his artistic space with bodacious style. His passionate candor and unapologetic attitude reveals him both as an artist and a person. 

The track is structured as an epiphany and is delivered with enlightened clarity. Strung together by a hard-hitting and rhythmic vocal flow, the verses indicate a spiritual awakening. “I gotta stay true to the purpose I envisioned. Give my life meaning, make a type decision. Stay the course, of course I gotta stand tall.” And with a rolling momentum, Leif is here to reclaim his dreams and conquer his fears. Each line is an empowering affirmation that speaks to his journey and has a universal relevance that is impactful and compelling. 

While the verses shred the illusions of the past, phantom life, the  backdrop is a haunting curtain of harmonies that reiterate the theme. It perhaps conceptualizes the fear/self-doubt that lingers always, like a shadow. It’s a constant battle – to rise above it with strong values and faith and emerge victoriously. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Phantom by Leif Riggs here – 

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