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Glow Beets | Tazmin | Green Light | EDM | Electronic | Euphonious Vocals
Glow Beets | Tazmin | Green Light | EDM | Electronic | Euphonious Vocals

Glow Beets – Green Light | Euphonious Vocals

The man behind Birmingham (UK) based Glow Beets is hit Songwriter and Producer Jonny Amos. Glow Beets is such an appropriate name for this amazing project that just always seems so upbeat. Jonny Amos is notoriously famous for being a helping hand that introduces emerging talent to the industry through collaborations and remixes. This can only be done by people who make music for the love of it! Only having a true passion for music can take you on a journey to find new talents to collaborate with and get ideas from.

Glow Beet’s latest single ‘Green Light’ starts with some really vivid vocals. I can’t stress enough how good Tazmin’s vocals sound! The effects chain on it is also impeccable! The right amount of reverb and other time effects that just makes Tazmin sound so good. Even the mix completely revolves around the vocals. I could even just listen to Tazmin’s vocal stems from this track. Moving on to the other elements of the track, Glow beets uses some really cool and out of the ordinary percussions. They’re always present in the track but so subtle that unless you pay attention, you wouldn’t even realize that they’re percussions.

Right from the beginning of the track you can hear some kind of bell or cymbals that just keeps popping up throughout the track. It fades away in the beginning to give into some really nice organic percussion sounds. They sound like bongos that have a lot of effects on them and subdued to just play in the back. A steady kick drum follows these wacky sounds with a proper snare and hat percussion line in full blast! This is the peak of the track. There are moments where Glow beets just brings in some very nice Congo beats that just add to the tropical vibe of the track.

Toward the end of the track the vocals are warped out to make these ambient sounds that act as ear candy. Man, what a track! It’s as if I can individually hear every single element in this track. The main drop of the track has an amazing lead line. Everything in this track is oozing perfection. An experimental tropical house track that is an exhibition of the sonic goodies that Glow Beets has in his roster! Glow Beets also runs a sample label that releases cutting edge sample packs that are released on Native Instruments Sounds. You can clearly see from his selection of sounds in this track, that he has a huge roster of amazing samples.

This review does almost no justice to this euphoric track. You have to listen to understand what i mean!

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