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Tigera-Part 2
Tigera-Part 2
Tigera-Part 2

Tigera-Part II | Sway

If you haven’t heard of Tigera from their previous album Part 1, its time to show them the respect they deserve with their new album Part 2. Tigera are your not-so-average band with fun, jumpy riffs and choruses that stick to your head all day long. Part 2 is a sequel to finding the joy between the staff and clef.

I don’t know why I just name-dropped notes there, because Tigera seem to be your everyday band. With their opening song Holographic, they shower in plenty of energy worth an entire concert at Wembley and have an impressive chorus with astounding harmonies. Devon Huckstep’s vocals have real power, with Ben Koshick & Alex James creating a wall of sound with the U2 style guitars, flourishes, and tricks aplenty. Dale Smart on drums keeps the tempo alive, with the alt-rock energy the song needs.

With the mellow overshadow of Down to Business, the group formulates a bubbly song with a catchy groove and a lyrical overload. It has a funky rhythm and a great balance on the track making it an addictive loop to listen to. Going down the great years of Blur, impressive.

Moment Maker begins with a funky Cory Wong riff that transcends into a U2 style stadium jam. It helps to close the album with a thunderous track-closing on the right notes and down the right paths. The songs are a real roller-coaster with some open ends, melodic arrangements and a dopamine shot in an album.

I would have liked a longer album. Who wouldn’t? It had great bopping tracks, some rarely explored themes and superior sound production that made this album something like a teaser. However, I do side with Tigera’s attempt here. It’s to create this longing for songs like these, things that you heard on the radio but don’t anymore. Singable, danceable and a short format that doesn’t show off, but doesn’t show too less as well. I guess the money is on the wait now.

Until then, revel in their syncopated symphonies here:

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