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Emily Gurklis - Waiting on the Rain
Emily Gurklis - Waiting on the Rain

Emily Gurklis – Waiting on the Rain | Reverie

Waiting on the Rain,” Emily Gurklis‘ latest song, is a soothing shower that will ease you into a deep immersing ambient sonic trance. The dreamy smooth guitar tones inspire the lamp of interpersonal coasters that form a strong link with music within you. Her contemplative sound in the music reveals what she is attempting to say, most certainly in her song, demonstrating her affection and attention to writing songs with a mission.

Emily Gurklis is a singer/songwriter who is enthusiastic about writing emotionally honest lyrics with unforgettable tunes. In Nashville and Miami, Emily typically writes with and for other musicians in a variety of genres. She cherishes the opportunity to collaborate with others in order to offer their perspectives in a sensitive and sympathetic manner. Emily is daring to approach themes that are frequently overlooked in a relevant and introspective manner through her own writing.

The song begins with heavenly sounds, which are shortly joined by echoed guitar textures, which simply define the track’s essential space. And when the vocals begin to appear, the music becomes more full and complete. The development, especially in the chorus, is fantastic. The words provide a lot of depth and character to the melody. The narrative is extremely well-written, with enough of room to breathe in between words. The voices feel real and honest, and they would immediately resonate with the listener. The drums gradually take up and effortlessly build up to its full shape in the bridge, making the listening experience feel dreamlike and alive.

The wonderful soundscape would be something I would remember for a long time. To summarise, Emily Gurkli’s attentive lyrics effectively reflects some incident that would make the song extremely personal and transport you down a memory lane that you would want to vibe along with.

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