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Carl Liungman-Affection & Absence
Carl Liungman-Affection & Absence
Carl Liungman-Affection & Absence

Carl Liungman converses with ivory in his instrumental EP, “Affection & Absence”

Carl Liungman represents a different class of composer and musician. From wide-ranging roots in music to an educated approach in composition, you can hear the engraving in the plaque, quite honestly. Today we listen to his phenomenal EP, Affection & Absence. 

Two feelings, bound by love. It is complex to navigate something of this depth with just instrumental music. Carl Liungman however, is no ordinary composer. With just his opening track, he creates a romantic interlude speaking to a verse and chorus.As the warm rhythm subsides into the background like a curtain, the lead steals the show. A spotlight on a contemporary dancer, it breathes and moves, almost arrhythmic. Like the nature of a heart, thoughts and styles, Carl creates a short movie with his opening song. 

We continue the allusion to the Dancer. With calculated, serene steps-he choreographs the next show. The drama is in having no background, where each note resonates with a sustain of a chime. Breathing and tensing like a well tailored speech, the visuals created are profound, with a hint of image specific simplicity. This time, the narrative remains in the background, while the lead keeps moving on. Complications in movements and pirouettes are mirrored with the genius of Carl Liungman. Night precedes the subtle glow of dawn. It is a sheet of velvet, sprinkled with the dust that are stars. Like the hours that are wrapped within it, slow and deliberate. Superbly designed to personify an enigma that births new versions of ourselves. 

Visuals through notes-Carl Liung

Closing with Disappear, Carl knows that this mini concerto has to end on a high. This is with the fascination of silence, which he uses very well in composition. Sharp, premeditated and specific, it still holds the anticipation of any dramatic sequence of lucid scenes. 

I have had the pleasure of listening and reviewing his 2022 album, Shine. Since then, there have been ruminations and muses of human behaviour he and his instrument have talked about. This is a resultant of that rendezvous. This musician does not take a pause, he had even released a brilliant predecessor to Shine called Born. His projects grow and create pockets in the universe that have special access. You might find it ludicrous that his work is so prolific, and he so proactive. Follow him for more elysian music like this and listen to his emotional EP here:

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