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Flow – Alice June | Soul

Alice June is an Italian singer-songwriter that has a penchant for writing peppy numbers in English– and lately, that is all they seem to be doing; writing good song after another; one of which, I’ll be talking about in my review of “Flow”. Keep reading on.

From the quirky, 80s-90s synth-laden intro to the instrumental to the anthemic chorus, this song has all the ingredients to make it a hit– and the vocals delivered here are the cherry on top, really. The whole execution comes together really well, starting from the melodic entry of the vocals into the mix, to the lyricism and the songwriting that Alice incorporates into “Flow”.

The vocals take on a raw vibe that convey the themes expressed in the lyrics quite well. This is further complimented by the wafting synths in the background that add a whole layer of sheen to this track, and I have to say that I am a fan of what I have been listening to. The whole song follows this upper midtempo, perfect for jazzing up a mundane work evening, typical to what I do when I’m not writing about songs– and “Flow” soundtracked my evening just great.

As always, I take time out to comment on the mix, staying true to my roots as a sound engineer. The mix is well-engineered, with good balance in the field; and every instrument is made sure to have its space; and that is something I loved about this track. The processing on the vocals is also tastefully minimal, and it helps convey the energy of the track ever so more beautifully.

  1. What was the inspiration behind “Flow”?

FLOW has been written while thinking of those moments when we’re stuck in a situation and don’t know how to go on. Sometimes it’s ok to not control everything and to just let things go. Sometimes we just need to follow that flow of feelings, energies, emotions inside and outside ourselves to find the way toward our next step.

  1. When you envision yourself as a songwriter, what are the primary emotions that you aim to deliver with your music? What is the message you wish to convey with your music?

Primary emotions that I would like to deliver, especially in FLOW, are a sense of freedom and of being deeply connected with ourselves and our feelings. I always try to write positive messages and to transmit deep emotions, the same various emotions that I feel while I sing.

  1. With the vocals in the song, please tell us about the thought process behind the execution. We loved it, and would like to know more.

I’m glad you loved it! Most of the time I sing in mix mode and sometimes in belting. I didn’t plan to use any technique while recording Flow because I wanted to feel free and to focus on emotions. I believe that the singing technique is an important base, needed to deliver the message.

  1. Being Italian, what is it about the English language that made you decide to write your lyrics in the language?

I always prefer to write down my lyrics in English, it’s a natural way of expression for me. I think that writing in English makes me feel more comfortable than writing in my native language. Also, I find English perfect for the sounds that I like to use in my songs.

  1. Would you like to tell us about the kinds of projects you have coming up? What would you like to do for your future projects?

I have many songs that I would like to produce and share, but I still need some time to understand what’s the next step 🙂 I also would like to focus more on live events in the next months.

  1. When it comes to how modern music can be experimental in nature, do you think that is necessarily a good thing?

I believe that experimenting is important, it’s part of the creative processes, it belongs to every form of art. So it’s an important thing for the modern music as well.

In conclusion, I think “Flow” by Alice June made for a great effort that lightened my evening up. I think it’s worth a listen– check it out here!

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