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Wave and Wire- All These Empty Nations | A Wild Ride

Discover the electrifying sound of Wave and Wire – the Montreal-based band taking the music world by storm! Formed in 2017, this talented trio features the dynamic vocals and guitar of Lieshbet (LK), the driving bass of Sam, and the powerhouse drumming of Bruno B. With a sound that effortlessly blends rock and indie influences, Wave and Wire will transport you to new musical landscapes with every song. Born from diverse cultural backgrounds, Wave and Wire fuses their unique perspectives to create a truly unique sound. Despite the challenges posed by the current pandemic, the band remains dedicated to creating new music and sharing their passion with the world. So get ready for more musical surprises from Wave and Wire – the band that’s breaking boundaries and pushing the limits of modern rock!

Today, I have the pleasure of diving into the musical depths of Wave and Wire’s EP “All These Empty Nations.” As the first track unfolds, the listener is greeted by the surprisingly upbeat and energetic tune of “Sad Day (In The Neighborhood)”. The opening guitar riffs are enough to get your blood pumping and your feet tapping, before the drums and vocals come in to complete the picture of an energetic and lively piece of music.

Despite its upbeat energy, the song’s title “Sad Day” would have you believe that it is a somber, moody composition. But this is where the beauty of Wave and Wire’s music comes in. They have an innate ability to create contrasting emotions, blending elements of light and dark to craft an experience that is truly unique.

The pulse-pounding second track, “Blueprints”, is the epitome of a musical banger. With its thundering drum beats and thumping bassline, the intro alone sounds like the anthem for an army marching towards glory. The repetitious guitar riffs layer upon the foundation, adding their own symphony of sound to the mix. But what truly sets “Blueprints” apart is the energetic and dynamic vocal performance, with lyrics that are delivered with the flow of rap and a vocal range that soars with electric guitar riffs. This potent combination of elements makes the song nothing short of infectious, and a true standout on the EP for me.

Following the electrifying first two tracks, comes the mellifluous “Way too Far.” This song is the perfect companion for a lazy summer day spent with friends, surrounded by the great outdoors. The musical soundscape of the track is a blissful escape, with sweet and soothing vocals that are guaranteed to carry you away on a cloud of sound. The song strikes a perfect balance between melody and upbeat energy, making it impossible to resist singing along. Whether you’re sitting on a blanket in the park, or driving with the windows down, “Way too Far” is the perfect anthem for those warm, lazy summer days.

“Keepsakes” is the track that propels us back into the electrifying energy of the EP. This song is a musical powerhouse, bursting with relentless energy both musically and vocally. It’s a sonic journey of twists and turns, with unexpected changes in pace that keep the listener engaged and on the edge of their seat. One moment you’ll be carried away by the whirlwind of sound, and the next, you’ll find yourself slowing down to savor the nuanced and intricate musical interludes. It’s these sudden shifts that add an extra layer of excitement and unpredictability to the song.

“Rearranged” is a delightful and joyful song that will have you tapping your toes. It’s the perfect track to dance to, with a beat that invites subtle, yet energetic movements. The vocals are front and center in this song, and the flawless delivery is nothing short of amazing. It’s the kind of song that will have you singing along and dancing with abandon, without a care in the world.

The final track on the album, “Hatchet,” begins with a gentle and mellow guitar riff that will instantly have you swaying in your seat. This song is the epitome of emotive and powerful balladry, with vocals that are overflowing with raw emotion. As the song builds, you’ll find yourself drawn in by the intricate and captivating soundscape. Despite the serious tone of the lyrics, there’s an irresistible energy to “Hatchet” that will leave you mesmerized. The way the song slowly builds to its climax, layer upon layer of sound adding to the emotional intensity, is nothing short of amazing. So close your eyes, and let Wave and Wire’s “Hatchet” wash over you.

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