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Rachel Davie Lee - Love Is in the Air
Rachel Davie Lee - Love Is in the Air

Rachel Davie Lee – Love Is in the Air

British singer-songwriter, Rachel Davie Lee dives into the overwhelming weaves of love and romance with her neo-soul track, Love Is in the Air. The genre-bending track borrows from several genres of which classical, soul, R&B, and pop are a few. Taken from her debut album. Barely Connected, this track opens the album with sweeping emotions.

It’s the serious passion of love; of devotion and its emotional depth. The blooming canvas is an emotive force that flows through us like a warm gush of wind. Gaseous tails of the vocals dispense magic into the air.  The mellow beats and acoustics sink into the canvas before materializing in the beautiful fountain of vocals.

The artist strikingly crafts blues into the landscape. The paper-thin synths and petals of piano keys dally with soulful romance. They manifest the delicious agony of love that swirls at the pit of your being. The unison of the elements within the track is beguiling in its seamless showcase. It has a performative flair that provides an immersive experience.

The violins and piano lends the track a classical touch to the melodic pop outfit. They shimmer and wink against the soul pop sky. And the chill beats is a good tempo to unwind with. The song is perfect for a reflective evening of solitude and self-care.

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