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Not Like The Others You Know – Quizboy | Grunge

There are very few bands that exude the kind of emotion that birthed the whole grunge movement in the 90s. All throughout my listening of the two-track EP, “Not Like The Others You Know” by Portland-based outfit Quizboy, I kept being taken back to the dirty– yet iconic– sound of that very movement; keep reading to know why I’d venture to go out on a leg like that.

I think songwriting in its purest sense is one of the ultimate forms of expression. It need not be filtered, need not be that meticulous work of art one spends decades on, only for it to be misunderstood– at least not always; sometimes, the emotion in the singer’s voice, the way a musician would let an instrument speak for him, is what makes the magic happen– and here, that is more than truly the case.

In one word, if I were to describe how this album sounds to my ears, it would be ragtag. Unapologetic in its presentation, and daring in its approaches. It is uncanny, how much I kept likening Quizboy to Nirvana throughout my time listening to this EP. The opener is the title track, “Not Like The Others YouKnow”, a carousel of the simple, yet catchy piano riff around which this song seemed to revolve, with the voices and drums playing second fiddle to the central melodic theme being built up by the piano riff in the middle. I have to say, it is quite tasteful for the esoteric genre-bender in me that keeps seeking the next way to bend a sound to my will. Solid A for effort, I’d say.

The next song on the EP is “Brave A Storm”, a reimagination of what punk rock with a dash of metal thrown in for taste would sound like. Right from the sung intro to the creamy growled section, this track stays anchored to the theme– and itself– with the creamy, overdriven guitar tone that makes for a rather catchy riff in the style it’s played– where you blend with the vocal sections– varied in style, with high sections, the growls I alluded to earlier, and the unabashed delivery here. I love this track, especially so for the boldness of the execution, to go out and push the boundaries of what sounds are deemed good.

It’s not like Quizboy don’t know how to stick to the convention– I know they can, yet they choose to push the boundaries– and build something unique in the process. That is what made me love this release by them so much, and it is definitely worth a listen. Check out “Not Like The Others You Know” by Quizboy out here!

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