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The Art Crimes Band – Neon Skyline
The Art Crimes Band – Neon Skyline

The Art Crimes Band – Neon Skyline | Ethereal Neon Delight

Irish act The Art Crimes Band releases their brand new single Neon Skyline which packs a bedazzling punch. Originating from Cork City, the band has had a fascinating journey over the years since they first formed in 2011. With a sound rooted in R&B, soul, and smooth pop jazz, the band has a nostalgic vibe and impeccable musicianship which materialize evocative emotions. The song was mastered by engineer Andy Walter, who has worked with legends like Rush and David Bowie, at Abbey Road Studios, London.

Neon Skyline begins with a beautiful effect laden electric guitar lead by Stephen Kirby. This is set to some sustained chords, a progression with incredibly ethereal synths. Subtle but intricate bass lines by Tim O’Leary form the harmonic skeletal core of the song. The bass natural harmonics are a sweet and neat addition. Nothing speaks more than the sensual saxophone licks by Gary Baus in the mid of the song. And the sax solo at the outro of the song is plain magic. The Art Crimes Band executes their vision with impeccable tact.

The song is perfectly produced giving an 80s adult contemporary pop vibe. The synth production and keys work by is Katie O’Donnell just plain other worldly. This is the perfect song to play on a long night drive while ruminating on life. The song is accompanied by a mesmerizing music video with a neon colour palette. The band channels some Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty & The HeartBreakers, John Mayer, and Bon Iver, while bringing in their own unique character and signature. Neon Skyline by The Art Crimes Band is a ethereal neon treat.

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