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Dilip - Lemon Tart
Dilip - Lemon Tart

Dilip – Lemon Tart | Dualities of the Heart

Born out of love and loss, Lemon Tart is the latest single by Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter, Dilip. Fresh from the heart to melody, the indie-pop track is intimate, vulnerable, and incredibly endearing. The track comes at the tail end of the artist having sold out NYC shows at The Delancey and Chelsea Music Hall. He has toured internationally with Penn Masala and even has a cameo in the movie Pitch Perfect 2.

Titled after the dessert made by his ex, the artist metaphorizes the simultaneity of the tart’s sweet sourness to bring out the essence of the relationship and its end. Oscillating between the feelings of coziness and soft pain, the track immerses us in a cocktail of emotions.

Chunky acoustic guitar melodies glaze the honey vocals. The autobiographical track reminisces the loveliness of being in love and the sourness of losing it. Lined with cool synths flourishes, the warm guitar melodies are wistful and textured with sentimentality. The therapeutic lyrics are delivered with dreamy vocals, oozing with blends of joy and grief.

The artist infiltrates the golden guitar melodies with distorted and opaque sounds to showcase the unraveling of his emotions as he tries to make sense of the loss. We also see breezy harmonies that swish across the canvass with a calming aura. The artist ends the track abruptly to illustrate the brusque end to his dreamy love; the sour aftertaste of his sweet relationship.

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Dilip – Lemon Tart

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