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Betty Reed – Without You | Thrill
Betty Reed – Without You | Thrill

Betty Reed – Without You | Thrill

Betty Reed is an ardent singer and songwriter who is known for her soul-touching tracks. The songs are influenced by many pop artists such as Olivia Rodrigo and Demi Lovato but have a uniqueness of their own.

Recently, Betty released a single called Without You, which you would want to listen to if you want a fine mix of groovy and sombre. With intrinsic freshness and a delightful vibe, Without You makes for a great track. The beginning of the song surprises you with its joviality but the best part comes in the chorus. The chorus has a catchy feel to it but at the same time feels like a tune that grows on you slowly. The chorus hits you with its crispness every time you hear it and for me, it was certainly the best part.

When you listen to the song the second time, you realize it has much more to offer. The song, even though, is quite energetic, has a somberness to it that feels heartfelt. You would be in awe of how well the emotions come to the surface. At one point, the lyrics make you soft, but at the other instance, you feel the oomph and the energy.

Without You is a brilliantly crafted track by Betty Reed that deserves your attention. With great lyrics, awesome tunes, lavish production, and a wholesome vibe, everything seems to be executed in just the right manner.

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