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Sand & Foam - Kabir Sehgal, Amaan Ali Bangesh and Ayaan Ali Bangesh
Sand & Foam - Kabir Sehgal, Amaan Ali Bangesh and Ayaan Ali Bangesh

Kabir Sehgal, Amaan Ali Bangesh & Ayaan Ali Bangesh – Sand and Foam | Infinite Sea of Musical Poetry

The album Sand and Foam is inspired by the prose and wisdom of Kahlil Gibran. Using instruments like the Sarod, Flute, Tabla and baritone vocal harmonies, the album is replete with mystical energy and deep spirituality. Created and produced by talented artists like Multi-Grammy and Latin Grammy winning music producer, Kabir Sehgal and the sons of Sarod Maestro, Amjad Ali Khan, Amaan and Ayaan Ali Bangesh, the album is an easy favourite with its soothing textures and world class presentation.

The Wanderer begins the album with a beautiful Sarod melody with baritone vocal harmonies and flute infusions. Periodic Tabla beats punctuate the song and loads the instrumental with rhythmic fragments that flow through the listener. We also see a melodious Flute arch towards the end that gracefully curves and courses with the Tabla beats.

The second instrumental Sand and Foam begins with a charming Sarod iconic classical melody with short flute streams in the background. Warm ambrosia vocals carry the instruments like a wave and deliver the song like a soothing poetry. The mysical journey continues with Fable of the Forerunner . With a glassy Sarod melody, the song has a mysterious vibe to it. We also see unexpected saxophone melodies lining the Sarod rhythm cycle. The song has a unique rhythm and tempo.

Spirits Rebellious is the fourth song in the album. The bass Sarod melody crowns the song with its liquid smoothness oozing out. With a steady percussion beat, the Sarod is given free liberty to roam and prance with its melodies. Prophets of Prose sports an enigmatic charm and a delightful feminine harmony gushing through the song. With vocal and musical echos, the song gleams with a supernatural glow.

Jaipur Festival is the penultimate song of the album. With catchy and fun beats, the song consists of whimsical musical tangents between the Sarod arcs. Using the sound of back spinning records as percussive expression, the artists speed up the Sarod melody. The saxophone brings a western sound and beautifully contrasts and alternates with the Sarod melodies.

Mirrors of the Soul is the last song of the album. With baritone female vocals and beautiful Sarod melodies, the song sports a big classical energy. Earthy tunes and Tabla percussion line the magnificence of the Sarod sound. With unimpeachable grace, and stellar technique, the Sarod infuses an intense calmness to the mind.

The album sports a mosaic of musical and instrumental textures to showcase the artists’ unique expression and interpretation of Gibran’s work. With refreshing melodic arcs and soothing harmonies, the album flashes with fluttering and lilting colors.

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