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Rachael Sage – Revelation Ground | Soulful
Rachael Sage – Revelation Ground | Soulful

Rachael Sage – Revelation Ground | Soulful

Rachael Sage is a New York-based singer and songwriter whose music is a fine blend of folk, pop, jazz, and rock. With authentic genre, her songs feel crisp and always have something new to offer. This time, she is back with the release of her song called Revelation Ground.

Revelation Ground is a song that’s simple yet hits you in a way that only a song with many complexities would. It has a simple and steady pace, with minimal instrumentality and a deep softness in Rachael’s vocals. You would be stunned at how ethereal the song feels to the ears with its mesmerizing and earthy tunes. The song begins off in a very interesting way. With a simple melody, things start to ascend in a beautiful way that leaves you feeling utterly pleased. The soundscapes are profound. And like I said, it is a simple song that has so much to offer, you will find yourself pleased at every moment.

Rachael does a wonderful job at maintaining the delicate nature of the track with her mesmerizing vocals. They add to the whole soulfulness in just the right manner and leave you wanting for more. You would be stunned at how well everything seems to be fused together. Every tune, every verse, has a meaning that contributes to the bigger picture that this song is. With great execution, everything comes to the surface in just the right way.

A perfect song if you are looking for some soulful treat!

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