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You Won't Bring Me Down - Album Cover

The Rod Moore Band – You Won’t Bring Me Down

Vancouver-based artist, Rod Moore – the front man of The Rod Moore Band released a new single titled – You Won’t Bring Me Down on the 13th of August. Influenced by a lot of 50s and 60s music, Rod Moore has released many drum-loop and synth based tracks since 2018.

You Won’t Bring Me Down opens with a simple guitar riff that will leave you thinking, “oh, where have I heard this before?”. With a bit of a Latino vibe coming from the synth and guitar melodies, Rod Moore’s simple yet powerful lyrics talk about how he won’t be brought down and demotivated by lies.

The catchy guitar riff continues throughout the song in various segments and it seems Rod is pretty firm on his statement. The track is pretty easy to listen to with a typical rock/pop structure, but the uniqueness of the song comes from the vocal production and the use of only a few instruments.

Rod had mentioned earlier that he takes the help of graduate students to accompany him in his recording sessions, hence The Rod Moore Band, and honestly, I think the artists on this single have done an amazing job trying to portray Rod’s story. The mixing is also very clean and simple, though the vocals could maybe stick out a bit more and hit me in the face (but that’s just me)

All-in-all, Rod is one of the rare musicians still putting out simple 80s non-disco pop music, and You Won’t Bring Me Down is definitely worth a listen!

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