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Justin Turk-Truth In lies
Justin Turk-Truth In lies
Justin Turk-Truth In lies

Justin Turk goes hard rock with his upcoming single, “Truth in Lies”

Justin Turk is a lyrical and songwriting connoisseur, his taste and performing style ranging genres. Though a classic rock groove exists within his songs, he plans to kick all kinds of ass with his latest stretch and swing. This is his foray into hard rock, and it is much appreciated for the kind of rhythm it holds. This is called Truth in Lies. 

 If you know him from his popular single Dont Worry Anymore, you’re in for a kaleidoscope of surprises. With this track, a hard rock punch shatters the glass ceiling of your expectations. His vocals, as unique and melodic as ever, still graze through the verses with style. There might be a Three Days Grace kind of wreckage expected with how he executes the chorus. The bassline shines in the verse part, minimal and devoid of distraction. As a musician, Justin Turk is always aiming to grow, breathe and perform like he would on stage. This one sounds like a concert in a rage room packed with meatheads. He has flipped the coin and landed a trick in the process.

He might be a prince of emotion otherwise, but banks on his love for all kinds of genres. Tracks like Passion, Danger and New Hope give new dimensions to writing acoustic and classic rock tastes. Make sure you pre-save the track for the release, on 21st of April 2023!

Click on the link here to break away some of that anticipation-https://www.justinturk.com/truth_in_lies

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