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Fox Fagan-Gotta Get Out
Fox Fagan-Gotta Get Out
Fox Fagan-Gotta Get Out

Fox Fagan-Gotta Get Out | Swerve

Talk about an impressive portfolio with the tentacles spread out all over. Fox Fagan is someone you’ve heard of, if not directly with his tremendous impact with Jon Stevens of INXS and Foo Fighters’ lead guitarist, Chris Shiflett. With a graphically skewed career behind him and one with many possibilities in front, Gotta Get Out is his swan song. At least for now.

Having had so much stage time, it is nothing but obvious that this artist knows what ears want to listen to. This single gives exactly what a wide spectrum of generations want, with no hierarchy. This single is a culmination of your synth dominated INXS years. They spread all the way to Tame Impala and the rock giants. He might be just getting started, but where he begins his journey from is different.

To describe in simple, digestible phrases, it is a audio culinary delight. Fox Fagan uses the power of the bass to lure, the synths to grasp and the drums to keep a steady momentum. His song mask his vocals for a stranger acquainting himself with an unfamiliar environment, created by his own devices. It is the language that all of us spoke during this pandemic, just that Fox had the skill and suave to smoothen it out onto a single. Listen to his other track this year called Nobody on The Block as well.

Listen to his groovy, addictive, genre mashing single here:

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