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Erik & The Worldly Savages-Break Free!
Erik & The Worldly Savages-Break Free!
Erik & The Worldly Savages-Break Free!

Erik & The Worldly Savages-Break Free! | Tectonic trampoline

What Erik & The Worldly Savages have created is an offshoot of a unique genre. This comes from breaking out of the shackles of conformity. In his case, Erik Mut found solace in Serbia. Forming a band there, his message is simple-exposure translates to a new world view. This interlace of cultures and mindsets is heard in their latest EP-Break Free!

Brainwashed creates the preface of the message with the energy required to understand music like this. Erik Mut obviously was a huge punk fan, and what he has formed is folk punk. It is a holy combination of pristine folk with the raw, raucous energy of pop. The result is these kinds of songs, where layers of instruments you would never expect to hear at this tempo come together.

Dry Fear might sound like a lullaby in the new wave sound, but misdirection leads to surprise. There is a rock flavour, devoid of the guitar, for the verse section. The contrast plays out between the vocals and the echoing synth arpeggio. The chorus draws in the kinetic built from the verse section to create an inspirational, climbing and driving energy. Erik & The Worldly Savages shift tone to a funkier groove for Sunshine. It’s the birth of lyrics urging you to explore, and seek change. Don’t expect change from your couch at home, life has a lot more to offer. The minimal instrumental in the verse section is especially fun, as it flows into a much deeper chorus section.

The collision course

Glass Cage shifts back to a traditional opening sound. The accordion shows us into the mansion of sound, with some interesting twists and turns. It feels like Erik and the instruments share the stage to tell the tale that can change dreams. The acoustic strumming comes in, with a great rock swing. The sound produced is uncomparable and flavourful. Dramatic connotations underline the song everywhere.

The quintessential track is called Leaving. There are undertones of Rasta in the groove, Erik & The Worldly Savages bringing their ability to teleport through genres. The bassline and guitar rhythm makes it a fun, bopping song. This is a chorus that we should all employ, apart from the creatives because we’re doing a subjectively good job?

Burn My Life closes out this superb album. This is closer to hard rock, with the retrospect of his past life being put to death by flames. There are some fun layers to be read into with the rhythm instrumental part, almost flowing due to the chord progression. This is a bookmark for the kind of sound that can come from dropping inhibitions and creating new experiences. It is a revelation within the confines of music that are placed around, and this is a fusion of sounds no one would have predicted. Listen to Erik and his band create this amazing sound here:

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