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SOS” by Zack Flower is pure madness
SOS” by Zack Flower is pure madness

“SOS” by Zack Fowler is pure madness 

Zack Fowler is an ardent singer, songwriter, and musician from the United Kingdom. Zack is taking over the internet with his exceptional pop/alternative rock music. Starting out with his debut single called “drunk test” in 2022, Zack has gained huge numbers on Spotify since. 

Zack has fully indulged himself in the world of music, from releasing singles to his own headline tour, he is doing it all. His second single “SOS” was released in 2023. Let’s talk about the song and its ingredients in detail. 

The song starts with a fast guitar riff and vocals. The loud and powerful voice of Zack brings in so much energy. Soon the drums kick in with an amazing drum roll and lift up the song. The melody is very captivating and cheerful and suits perfectly in the song. The chorus comes in crazy energy and has an amazing hook that makes the listener sing to it. The drum and guitar work are done so well, that highlights the both, pop and rock sides of the song. The bridge gets you excited with drums rising to a drop and the hook kicks in. “SOS” ends with the same zest that it started with. It is a great song with a lot of heavy rock stuff going on and hints of modern pop as well. 

Zack Fowler is a wonderful artist and he has just begun to shine. His “SOS” is an example of his mastery. It’s highly recommended to listen to the song.

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