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Sébastien Blum – Toxic | Seductive

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder! Or so they say. There are artists that prove that you can create beauty regardless of the beholder. Sébastien has a very seductive voice that takes the listener into a realm of pleasure and bliss. Not to mention the amazingly curated music video that just adds to the beauty of the song.

Sébastien Blum is from the Reunion Island and he is a singer-songwriter. His shot to fame was through his visual arts and design. Weird right? Not really, if you watch his video, you can tell that he has a background as a visual artist. He had a love for music and it was his calling since childhood. Fusing multiple genres, Sébastien has created a unique style that resonates strongly with the Afro London experience.

The most impactful music has the least amount of crowding in the mix. Especially ones that keep it really simple. When there are a few elements, it is all the more important to pay attention to every detail because the listener isn’t distracted by any extra sounds and can hear your every move! Sébastien seems to effortlessly conquer this issue and created “Toxic”, an erotic and seductive track.

“Toxic” starts off with some intricate guitar work that continues throughout the track as the ambience and the main instrumental. With no percussions and just the guitar, the track becomes all the more personal. As if, Sébastien is sitting right in front of you by the fireplace. As the chords progress, Sébastien’s singing picks up a slight tempo, but staying catchy. A beautiful track with an even more beautiful mix!

Sébastien’s sensual and seductive style is something to look forward to and is a really good track to add to your ‘feel good mix’.

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