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King Hopeton- The Lord's Prayer
King Hopeton- The Lord's Prayer
King Hopeton- The Lord's Prayer

King Hopeton- The Lord’s Prayer | Praise be to the Lord

King Hopeton has shared many a stage and played with many musicians. Hailing from Jamaica, he’s had his heroes grace platforms of music for several decades. Ever since he’s started composing, he’s done the same and wishes to spread his message and pure music-sharing love, happiness and the strength to go through your day. The Lord’s Prayer is his 2021 single.

Using the simple reggae rhythm and beat that defined the sounds of The Wailers, Mighty Diamonds and other groups synonymous with the power of this genre-he keeps a simple message. Using Biblical verses to spread the message of peace and love, he makes the melody worth listening to and the lyrics get a revamped look with the same message. His art is simple, unique from what artists usually put out, and has a positive message that brings a smile to your face.

Gracing the keys, he keeps the ship he runs tight. The groove is the 4/4 that has swayed millions to the beat for years. He just released his latest track, Are You Satisfied recently. Go ahead and have a listen, if you want to sway to the sorcery of reggae. He leads and speaks the rhythm, a talented musician with a heart of gold.

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