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Alex Julia- Cry Wolf | Pop With an Emotional Touch

Alex Julia’s sound is as warm, honest, and alluring as it is distinctive. Delicate but deeply affecting vocals meld with intricately crafted songwriting to create music that vibrates at its core with earnest emotion. Alex Julia is a singer-songwriter who debuted in the music industry in 2010. The consistent prominence and magnetism of singer-songwriter Alex Julia’s exquisite catalog of original songs are made up of sweeping harmonies, gently evocative singing, and fondly rustic compositions. She mixes genres with a delicate yet distinctive style, demonstrating genuine versatility. The 2020 EP ‘Better Part Of Me’ was released on September 19th, 2020. The song was a huge indie hit, broadcast on radio stations all over the country and around the world, with tributes from prominent college shows and charts.

Now and again you come across a song that oozes style and is like nothing you’ve heard of late. ‘Cry Wolf’ by Alex Julia is a great example of this. The latest release is the perfect combination of well-thought-out lyrics, smooth vocals, and extremely pleasing pop-rock. It has this old-time feel which makes it so refreshing to hear in today’s world. Once reflected on, the song takes you on a journey that describes the end of an emotionally abusive relationship.. ‘Cry Wolf’ is so powerful and yet so simple at the same time. Alex Julia’s voice is strong and diverse while maintaining a certain level of softness throughout., The song hits home with everyone. We might have come across such narcissists at least once in our lives. This song should easily appeal to a wide range of music fans of all ages.

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