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Florie Namir - Piece of My Soul
Florie Namir - Piece of My Soul

Florie Namir – Piece of My Soul | Happy Inside

Florie Namir, a London-based musician, has released the first track “Piece of My Soul” from her upcoming EP. Florie’s lovely new song is full of creativity, and it’s a treat to listen to from start to finish. “Piece of My Soul” is a summer romance set in a gorgeous historic town, honouring one of life’s greatest gifts, LOVE.

Florie’s voice is nicely accompanied by the Piano as the song begins softly. Lihi Haruvi, a talented saxophonist and Berklee School of Music professor, adds strong flourishes that simply enhance the feeling. It’s an incredible performance. In fact, the tune is so well-written that you’ll want to listen to over and over again. Even the drum patterns and modulations keep you immersed in the performance. It will take you on a journey all across celestial spheres. The songwriting is brilliant, and the arrangement flows so smoothly that you don’t notice when it stops. The aroma is so powerful that it hangs in the air for a long time.

The melodic line is nicely supported by the harmonic framework in particular. Florie’s work encompasses a wide spectrum of melodic ideas, the structure is so well improvised but they never seem out of place. That’s such a freeing sound, free of any business constraints. This is a beautiful jazz composition! Highly recommended.

Florie Namir’s new song “Piece of My Soul” is now available on Spotify!

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