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Foul Anchor-Waiting On The Snow
Foul Anchor-Waiting On The Snow
Foul Anchor-Waiting On The Snow

Foul Anchor-Waiting On The Snow | Before the melt

Liam Lovegrove is the creative proprietor of Foul Anchor. It is a name I have deliberated on, and my explanation might be more interesting than the artists. However, I digress from what I am paid to do. The project is the London-based guitarists’ 2022 single Waiting On The Snow, and it is as breathtaking as the album art. Now, allow me to convince you thoroughly.

Building anticipation as a musician is a complex art. The tools are simple, yet very few design it carefully enough to be effective, Foul Anchor uses the slow sliding in of the strings to create a cinematic tension. The song lets the instruments breathe for the first ten seconds. This is where the string maestro creates the first loop of the song, a chordal arpeggio. Nurturing yet gripping, it envelopes your headspace in a 360 sound.

The track reminds me why I invested on my expensive headphones too. This track is a dive into the deepest trench, a surf on a massive wave. Slide guitar with a delicious tone serenades the listener at the back, while the song achieves more than it ever should, simplicity wise. Only one other quality single sits there on his screen while I stare at his bio for a while. How something that is beyond my space and time took control of me for more than 5 minutes.

Your reward? You get to read one of the best articles I’ve written, due to the state of flow from this song. Like Foul Anchor affirms and Tom Petty sang, “the waiting is the hardest part.”

All credits to Liam Lovegrove for that killer article ending as well:

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