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K Pop Fans Mourn the Loss of Singer-Songwriter Nahee, Dead at 24

K Pop singer Nahee died on the 9th of November, as verified by multiple news outlets. The cause of death is unknown. The news has K-Pop fans in shock, given her age and electric performances. The Blue City singer has been known to dedicate many of her songs to her fans, and has had immense success in the industry.

Her funeral will take place on Friday at Pyeongtaek of Gyeonggi Province in South Korea.Her friends and family are yet to release an official statement. 

Nahee is known most popularly for Love Note!, City Drive and I’m Not fine! She has been known to write incredibly personal music that resonated with a massive following. Like the grunge era, her music felt tailored to outcasts and misfits, and she made them feel like one big family. 

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There is a lot of speculation about her death on account of her being only 24. However, fans have poured into her last Instagram post for condolences. She was a bright artist who has left behind quite a legacy. She had signed with the agency Mun Hwa In as a singer-songwriter and producer as well. 

Listen to one of her most popular singles here, in memory of her pure and spectacular voice:

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