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Pressure-Sacramental Anger
Pressure-Sacramental Anger
Pressure-Sacramental Anger

Pressure-Sacramental Anger | In flight tonight

Classic rock gets associated with the likes of UK and USA, who have heralded their music to be what defines the genre now. However, bands like Pressure know there are more approaches than lamenting about the woman that left you with a guitar solo interlude. Their tracks break the norm, recreate the form and make something that is truly and originally theirs. Sacramental Anger is their latest single.

This “melodic rock” genre that they spearhead has the appearance of coloured wax layered-creating a flamboyance that can’t be contained. With chugging metal influences as well, the vocals are the crown jewel in this collection of notes. The genre doesn’t limit the vocals within the main rhythm. Soaring with her unique vocals, Olof Jönsson ensures there is mystery and a control that can come only from an operatic singer. Pressure fix the boring form bands have continued for decades to make it centred around a gargantuan melody.

Their album released earlier this year shows an approach that many couldn’t even fathom. With their self-titled track garnering quite the number of streams on the platform, you know you’re getting something new every time with a band like Pressure. They have created a precedent for themselves, only they can aspire to change. Listen to their single here:

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