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Eric Alexandrakis – London Girls | Eclectic Concoction

Grammy nominated alternative pop musician Eric Alexandrakis has come up with a dazzling new song London Girls.

Eric Alexandrakis hails from Réthimnon on the Greek island of Crete. He had parents in academia specifically physics and philosophy. From a young age, he was fascinated by music and got into classical music as a pianist. That he is a prolific musician and media person would be an understatement. He worked on the early adoption of digital watermarking technology. Eric has also worked with luminaries like William Shatner, John Malkovich, and David Lynch. He has worked on the promotion, management, and touring side of the music industry. He has also worked and collaborated with Duran Duran, Sean Lennon, Yoko Ono, The Cure, The Smiths, Katy Perry, and several others. Eric was nominated for the 2019 Grammy for Best Spoken Word Album for his album I.V. Catatonia, based on his cancer fighting journey as a two-time survivor.

London Girls begins with a chaotic concoction of musical goodness. Processed vocals with shimmering chimes in the beginning. We get a load of eclectic and experimental sounds that are electronic. With electronic beats. The sound is trippy. A bass line that is fluid and blends with the rest of the electronic synth arrangement. The chorus creates a great sound that displays a shining plethora of fine alternative production. Eric Alexadrakis, the master composer and producer at work!

We get a carnival sound with analog instruments made to work with the synth work. A carnivalesque ode to women from London combining sounds that are new in the form of stunning synths with the classic musical hooks and grooves which keep you engaged. Rock is balanced with electronic production to great effect here. Energetic vocals by Eric Alexandrakis with vocal harmonies especially during the chorus give a befitting outro to the scope of the song. The outro chord progression is made to work wonders with the vocal harmonic layering and synth production. A master at work!

Fiery eclectic arrangement and production with impeccable musical groove and hook are what you will get with London Girls.

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